About Space Home Outfitters

A Remodeling and Design Consulting Studio in Sun City West, AZ

Space Home Outfitters is a progression of passion by the proprietor, Sandra Imig who has been transforming homes across the country for 25 years. She has been successful in creating strong and lasting relationships with not only her clients, but also her manufacturers and suppliers.  This has enabled her to provide the best products and pricing to her clientele.

We are a boutique design center but don’t let that fool you.  Our focus is providing our clients the opportunity to create a home environment that expresses individuality while providing great functionality for each lifestyle.  Keeping it small means keeping it personal.  Sandra is involved and supervises every project to make sure that what we propose happens, within budget, on time and with exceptional quality.  She firmly believes that delivering her service as if it were her own home is a key to her years of success in the industry.

Whether you are wanting to make a simple change to one room, or redesign an entire home, Space Home Outfitters can provide you with all design services and products needed to give you the beautiful home of your dreams.



Owner Sandra Imig

“Thank you for taking time to discover who Space Home Outfitters is.  Having lived in Arizona since 2012, I have walked into many homes that look just like the house next door.  I found this amazing and dreadful at the same time. Growing up in the Midwest, we didn’t have tract home communities and that was a bit foreign for me.  I found my services more desirable and deserving than ever.    I am passionate about personal expression through your home and having it fit your lifestyle.  Everyone should have the availability to express themselves through their home because it’s usually the largest investment a family makes in their lifetime.  After having worked hard, day after day for your entire life, I believe that everyone should feel enlightened every time they walk into their home.  I also know that it shouldn’t drain a lifetime of savings to be the perfect design for you.   Simply put, design matters!

A bit of background on me, I have been designing for more years than I’d like to admit and love it more today than when I began.  I am married with 3 grown boys.  My boys are probably my biggest testament to the work I have put in and the long hours required to meet deadlines and exceed my clients’ expectations.  There stories echo in my heart forever of the times they went with me until well into the evening when I had a deadline to meet for a staging project to complete a parade home or a new build that was going on the market a few days earlier than expected.  They have become a huge support team and continually amaze me by the excitement they have shown me for what I do for my clients.  When I’m not meeting with clients or sitting at my computer creating a rendering, I enjoy gardening, (which can be a bit challenging in Arizona, since everything wants to poke, sting or strike at you), horseback riding and day trips to places I haven’t yet discovered.  I live in the West Valley of Phoenix and have come to call Arizona my forever home.  The communities, the culture, the friends, the weather, are all something I couldn’t do without.” - Sandra Imig